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Flawless supply chains


Affluent and educated consumers will continue to push for greater brand transparency. They are cleaning their diets and cupboards of products with no clear purpose, preferring clean labels products with simple and understandable ingredients. The green customer wants to understand the impact of the product to human and animal welfare – all the way from raw materials to manufacturing, packaging, distribution and sales channels. A good product is good inside out, with a flawless supply chain that can be validated with sensors, IoT and blockchains. Many less affluent or more careless consumers, however, will continue to buy the cheaper and more opaque products. In many cases, outspoken value sets do not map with the real-life purchases. Brands need to decide what kind of world they want to promote.

Next steps

Retail has a massive power to promote brands that are less harmful to ecosystems. There is real growth in demand for products with transparent supply chains, but an economic downturn could hinder this development.


  • Get positive attention by pushing sustainable agenda throughout the supply chain
  • Tap into the needs your your sustainability-oriented customers to trust that their products and services are flawless inside out
  • Use sensors, IoT and blockchains to validate claims of sustainability and circularity
  • Find ways to help suffering ecosystems!


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