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We have gotten used to the idea of being able to order everything as a service for a regular monthly fee. It is likely that this will happen to food and groceries, too. Based on our accumulated shopping data, predictive algorithms can automatically construct weekly grocery packages. With some additional information on the needs and likes of household members, the service is set to go. Groceries-as-a-service would take care into consideration, consider our changing appetites during different seasons and know exactly what we want to serve our guests during holidays. Family birthdays and other user-specific occasions are easy to add to the groceries-as-a-service programme. Subscribers could allow the use of their health data to get the service support them with lifestyle changes and help consume in a way more in line with their value system. For the retailer it would make sense to be generous and flexible with the package, as it provides very steady income and offers great visibility on demand.

Next steps

It’s thrilling to think of grocery bags as something that could be ordered as a data-based service. It could be a major customer experience breakthrough. Anticipatory systems that already know what the consumer needs would be the starting point of a next-level membership or loyalty program, leading to new kinds of partnerships, business and pricing models.


  • Design product and service packages for various different types of households and household sizes.
  • Ideate around the maturity level of the meal, what items customers consume as such, what are they willing to cook themselves.
  • Help your customers optimise their consumption and reduce waste.