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Gen Z power


Generation Z, young people between the ages of 15–25, are globally the biggest consumer group since 2020 (40% of consumers). They are also considered more ecological and ethical as consumers than older generations. In declining European populations they are also valued just for being young. On top of their personal purchase power and special relationship to affluent Gen X, they have almost innate digital capabilities. The rest of us have to follow them to grasp the forms, genres and subcultures of the future.

Teenage social media stars with huge follower bases have the kind of commercial power businesses simply cannot overlook. Most members of Gen Z follow influencers - Youtube preferred - and trust them over celebrities. The most followed influencers are peers of their age. They don’t need face-to-face relationships to feel connected with someone. They are incredibly collaborative, managing their interactions preferably privately through snapping, memes and private conversations.

Studies show that Zoomers are willing to rebuild society from the ground up. They are stubborn about their ideas regarding diversity, inclusivity and ethical consumption in a way that has driven the body politic to listen to their views.

Next steps

Retailers must build a mobile first approach to branding and marketing. Transparency and sustainable consumption should be central to everything. Social media and influencers as a sales channel should be studied and utilised. Branding should take into account the changing narratives of adulthood and gender-neutrality should be studied in product design.


  • Partner up with young influencers, build effective campaigns and learn from their target audience
  • Utilize the power of nano- and micro-influencers, there is an audience for every product


Influencer Marketing Industry is set to grow to approximately $13.8Billion in 2021
Our Climate 2030 / Young people demand that policymakers take action to mitigate climate change. (In Finland)


100 young pioneers from the world in a quest to change the world
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