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Safe shopping


For retailers, the global pandemic created an impetus to invest big on their online shopping platforms. Some businesses have gone digital first or even digital only. Many continue to develop their hybrid retail models where the shopping experience flows seamlessly between the digital and the real. Hybrid retail is all about flexibility. It allows consumers to get informed service when they want to visit physical shops, or just use stores as a pick-up points in times of pandemic outbreaks. Health security procedures will remain a permanent part of the in-store shopping experience. Layouts, ventilation systems and people flows will be designed to serve new hygiene-conscious customers. The touchless economy will bloom. Health-security has a profound effect on product design. New products will help keep ourselves virus-free and provide spa, gym and restaurant level utilities at home.

Next steps

From retail to public transportation and placements of gym lockers, people seek more health-secured ways to exercise, shop and travel. Stores are used largely pick-up points for online orders. People want to go there whenever they want and whatever time they want - safely. New booking systems, and hybrid models are needed.


  • Design digital-first in mind. Think of every action, from trying out makeup on to fitting clothes, and make it digital first.
  • Keep hygienic factors in mind. Ideate new ways of using space, with a special focus on people flows.
  • Innovate new products and services that help the conscious consumer navigate an era of uncertainty.
  • Utilize the power of pop-ups in large, extremely modular and modifiable spaces.


Covid-19 is changing our public transportation
Covid-19 is changing the long-distant traveling
The Low touch economy will define our lives for 1-2 years at least 
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